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Developing the Question

Deconstruct the experience. What were the teacher moves? How is it different than the same kind of problem in a textbook?


How does this quote apply?

“Teachers are so eager to get to the answer that we do not devote sufficient time to developing the question.”

— Daniel Willingham

Our Activities

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FileAsian Elephants

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Developing the Question

Ask for questions.
Ask for an estimate.
Ask for a wrong answer.
Ask for a comparison.
Start a fight.
Ask what information is necessary.

Answering the Question

Answer the question.

Extending the Question

Ask for reasons why our answer might be wrong.
Ask an extension question.
Ask them to create their own.
Ask them for a title of the lesson.

Makeover a Textbook


filePots of Paint

fileShipping Routes

FileAngular Velocity

FileBead Store

FileBedroom Area

fileCheckerboard Borders

FileBrick Patio

FileCar Wreck

FileMarine Biology

FileMini Golf

FilePostal Service

FileRemote Control Car

filePenny Circle

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